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Kythnos is a Cycladic island between Kea and Serifos. It is 3 hours from the port of Piraeus and just 1 hour and 40 minutes from the port of Lavrion. It administratively belongs to the South Aegean region and since the 12th century it is also known as “Therma”. This name is due to the hot springs that exist up to today in the bay of Loutra. The baths of Kythnos were enjoyed by King Othon and Queen Amalia (1837-1862).

During your stay in the magnificent island of Kythnos, make sure you enjoy the traditional products of the island, which stand out for their fine taste and excellent quality. By all means, try the cheese products of Kythnos and accompany them with the local wine. To acquire the ultimate taste of sweetness, try the famous almond sweets that have a long tradition in most of the Cycladic islands. Also, the honey of Kythnos is noted for its supreme quality. In Kythnos, in addition to meat and fresh fish, you will find products from the local cottage industry, such as sausages, rusks, white grated cheese, or Kopanisti cheese, thyme honey which is considered to be one of the best, capers and earthenware (clay pots) since the island has a long tradition in pottery, pasteli (nougat with sesame seeds and honey), traditional pies and the famous wine of Thermia. Try the famous cheese pie of Thermia, a traditional dish called “sfouggato” (is a simple one-pot summer dish using eggs and garden vegetables. The word ‘sfouggato’ is derived from the same word for ‘sponge’; the dish sometimes turns out like an omelet, while other times it comes out looking like scrambled eggs, depending on the amount of liquid the final dish contains), and if you happen to attend a wedding, try the traditional broiled meat with potatoes which is usually served at the wedding table. Keep in mind that whatever food you try, you must accompany it with some of the local cheeses, especially with the savory Kopanisti cheese. As for the sfouggato, it is a type of cheese omelet. It is made either with the “sour“, traditional, soft, unsalted cheese of Thermia or alternatively with the salted “cheese” that has a sour taste. Know that no one leaves Kythnos without having tried the pork meat of the island, the lamb chops, the scrambled eggs with zucchinis (strapatsada) and the local wine.


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Thermal Springs

Kythnos in the modern times took its second name, “Thermia” due to its hot springs, which are located in the picturesque bay of Loutra, on the northeastern side of the island. Loutra (baths), which have been a tourist attraction in recent years, host the unique thermal springs of the Cyclades. There are two hot springs. The first is the one of Agioi Anargyroi and it is saline. It is located within a hydrotherapy facility (bath spa) that has been operating for many years attracting a large number of visitors. The second which is called the spring of Kakavos, is 50 meters away from the first one, containing iodine, bromide and sodium chloride while its temperature reaches 52 degrees Celsius. It has been scientifically proven that the waters of the springs are indicated for the treatment of rheumatic, arthritic and gynecological diseases. The Loutra Spa was once visited by King Otto and his wife Amalia.
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